The Most Attractive Tourist Cities in the World

Most tourists are looking for destinations that are full of history and wonderful things to discover. But it is often not easy to find those places that are both rich in knowledge and beautiful. If you are looking for the most beautiful tourist cities and don't know where to find them, you need not worry. More in this article.


Bangkok has just broken the records that the City of London has held since 2011 by becoming the most beautiful tourist city in the world. It is thanks to several developments made in the field of housing and infrastructure construction that this city now holds this place. It is also one of the largest capitals in Asia that welcomes a greater number of tourists. Indeed, the latest statistics show that this Thai City is visited by more than 16 million tourists per year. If Bangkok is as famous as any other tourist city, it is because of its various nightlife activities, museums, beaches and more. This is also what drives tourists to spend a minimum of 10 days in the city.


London is content with the second place of the most visited beautiful tourist city after being dethroned by the Thai capital. Although the city no longer tops the list, it continues to attract a huge number of visitors. According to the latest information, almost 15 million visitors still go to this city. Indeed, they are still attracted by those many that traces the history of the English revolution and those monuments like the London Eye.


Paris does not change its place in the latest ranking that has been published. It retains third place thanks to the various monuments and sites it has listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It also has the Eiffel Tower, which is one of the most visited monuments in the world. Clearly, the French capital has great tourist assets thanks to which it manages to attract more than 14 million tourists per year.